The four Phi Theta Kappa regional officers.

GRCC student elected Phi Theta Kappa regional president; Alpha Upsilon Kappa chapter wins awards

Nine members of Alpha Upsilon Kappa, GRCC’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society recently attended a regional conference along with 31 other chapters.

For the first time ever, a GRCC student ran for a regional board position: Morgan Brown was elected president for the 2017-2018 academic year! Each of the six candidates had to give a speech and answer questions. They also campaigned at a political rally, greeting members and voting delegates prior to the board election.

Brown also won the prestigious Mike Sherman Candidate Award, given to a candidate deemed the most motivational and supportive by their fellow candidates.

Other awards won by the GRCC chapter were:

  • Continued 5 Star excellence — for earning 5 Star status for the second consecutive year.
  • Top 3 Officer Team — for GRCC students Morgan Brown, Marcus Barissi, Gino Gonzalez, Caleb Graveldinger and Alex Brown.
  • Top 2 Advisor Team — for Erin Busscher and Lynnae Selberg.
  • Visual Arts Award — for Morgan Brown (her second consecutive win in this category).

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