Jerrittia Roseburgh, wearing safety glasses, works on a piece of equipment in a machinist lab.

Machinist/CNC Technician program gives woman an edge

Jerrittea Roseburgh, wearing safety goggles, stands in a machinist lab.
Jerrittea Roseburgh

Jerrittea Roseburgh was inspired to enroll in GRCC’s Machinist/CNC Technician program by her husband’s success after completing it.

“I saw what he was doing, and that he was making a good hourly wage, so I thought, ‘Hey, I can do that!'” she said.

It didn’t take her long to see the impact of her training: Soon after she posted her resume online, she received a call from Autocam Medical requesting an interview.

“I was so nervous I almost didn’t go, but I’m so glad that I did,” she said. “I love my job! Now I am running my own station, and I was selected to be in an apprenticeship program for two years! It is an incredible opportunity.”

Roseburgh credits GRCC’s Job Training program for getting her foot in the door.

“There is a lot to learn every day in a job like this, but employers like that I understand the technology and have hand’s-on experience,” she said. “Just knowing the terms and processes really gave me the advantage when it came to getting employment.”

Learn more about this 18-week program — or enroll — online.

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