GRCC graduates stands in a line on the street.

Student Success Story: Alejandra Ledesma

Alejandra Ledesma
Alejandra Ledesma

When Alejandra Ledesma decided to become a teacher, she knew where her education would start: GRCC.

“GRCC has been a significant part of my family,” she said. “While our family grew, with two beautiful daughters, my husband was still able to complete his undergraduate degree and graduate degree because of the options at GRCC through Ferris State University.

“Going to GRCC was a ‘no-brainer’ when I decided to finish my degree.”

Of course, juggling work and family along with her studies was challenging, at times, for this busy mom. When she need help and advice, she turned to her “experts”: Child Development program leader Rebecca Brinks, faculty members Tricia Siegel and Keri Davis, and preschool instructors Andrew Wolinski and Penny Folsom.

Brinks said Ledesma will be “truly an asset” to the early childhood field.

“Like many of our students, she has a lot on her plate, but she always brings enthusiasm and a positive outlook to everything she does,” Brinks said. “Her desire to learn and become the excellent preschool teacher she it has been evident both in the college classroom and with the children and families at the Early Childhood Learning Laboratory.”

Ledesma will receive her associate degree at commencement, which takes place 7 p.m. April 28 at Ford Fieldhouse, 226 Lyon St. NE. She plans to transfer to Ferris State University to earn a bachelor’s degree.

“My goal is to be a second-grade teacher, bilingual in English and Spanish, and be the difference I’ve longed to see,” she said.

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