GRCC graduates stand in a line on the Student Plaza

Student Success Story: Nick Psyhos

Nick Psyhos entered the workforce after high school, but he wasn’t satisfied with where his life was going.

“I was out of school for a long time, and I was sick of working in customer service-related jobs to make ends meet,” he said. “When I came to GRCC, I made it my goal to be eligible for the President’s List and, hopefully, be able to apply competitively to the University of Michigan.

Psyhos had a big task before him: Students need a 4.0 GPA to make GRCC’s President’s List. As he tackled his classes, he realized that he would need to make some adjustments.

“I initially had to learn how to balance my work and school schedule, which was difficult at first and resulted in me having to cut down my hours at work to maintain the grades that I desired,” Psyhos said.

But he found essential support and encouragement in GRCC’s TRIO/Student Support Services. TRIO works with first-generation college students who meet federal income guidelines.

“The entire staff of the TRIO organization was incredibly helpful and kind,” Psyhos said. “They have helped me and countless others with the entire application and transfer process — the work they do cannot be overstated!”

Psyhos has already been on the President’s List for two consecutive semesters and has applied for a summer research program. After receiving an Associate of Science at commencement, he will attend the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, with plans to study computer or electrical engineering.

GRCC’s commencement takes place 7 p.m. April 28 at Ford Fieldhouse, 226 Lyon St. NE.

Nick Psyhos stands in the Student Plaza.
Nick Psyhos

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