Finals Relaxer includes GeoCache for College Cash competition

In conjunction with Money Smart Week, GRCC will host the 2017 GeoCache for College Cash as part of the Finals Relaxer on April 20.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. that day, students can locate seven posters displayed at the Finals Relaxer.  Each poster focuses on one of seven important money-management skills, ranging from understanding paychecks and student loans, to information on debit cards and identity theft. Students can scan a QR code on the posters to find quiz questions pertaining to the posters’ topics. Each correct answer earns points toward the contest.

All GeoCache for College Cash participants are entered into a national contest. One lucky student will win a $1,500 grand prize from Money Management Educators.

The Finals Relaxer will take place on the Student Plaza. If it rains, activities move to the Raider Grille.

Student participation in GeoCache for College Cash is strictly confidential.  No participant information is shared.  Upon awarding of the national prize, all emails and data are destroyed.

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