2014 GRCC graduates sit in their caps and gowns.

Student Success Story: Samuel Slaw

Samuel Slaw sits at a table at The Heritage.
Samuel Slaw

Samuel Slaw is considering either Cornell or Brown universities as the next step in his pursuit of a civil rights litigation career. How will he decide?

“I want to continue my education at an institution that takes the same care for its students as GRCC does,” he said.

Slaw said his best experiences at GRCC have been tied to the Honors Program: “It has been everything I thought it would be — and much more.”

Students in the Honors Program develop leadership, research and service-learning skills while earning their degrees. They participate in academic projects, community service and special events, such as the networking dinner with professionals in different fields that Slaw attended last fall.

Slaw said the support he’s received from GRCC faculty make transferring a bittersweet experience. He will especially miss encouragement from French professor Hillery Haney and Lisa Gloege, an assistant professor in a subject that Slaw didn’t even like — at first.

“Professor Gloege was my instructor for both macro and honors microeconomics,” he said. “Before her course, I had an unapologetic disdain for economics. But I’m now excited to further my education with upper-level economic courses!”

Slaw will receive an associate degree at commencement, which takes place 7 p.m. April 28 at Ford Fieldhouse, 226 Lyon St. NE.

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