Five women and six men, including President Ender, Bill Pink, Cynthia Bristol, Julie Parks, Kenyatta L. Brame and Bert Bleke, cut the ribbon on the Certified Nursing Assistant training facility at Holland Home.

GRCC, Holland Home hold ribbon-cutting for Certified Nursing Assistant program training lab

GRCC and Holland Home held a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to open the training lab for a new Certified Nursing Assistant program.

Holland Home renovated a 1,200-square-foot former physician’s office into a training lab at its corporate headquarters, 2100 Raybrook St. SE, to be used exclusively for GRCC’s CNA students. The facility contains four patient beds and associated workstations, along with classroom seating for 16 students. Holland Home paid for the renovation expenses while GRCC provided the equipment for the lab.

In addition to their studies in the new lab, students will gain crucial clinical experience by working with Holland Home and other long-term health care employers’ staff and patients.

The 112-hour CNA program was created with funding from the U.S. Labor Department’s America’s Promise grant competition. GRCC won one of only two grants awarded in Michigan in 2016, receiving $6 million.

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