6 thoughts on “Registration for summer classes starts next week”

  1. Thanks
    How will I know what classes I have to take in summer?
    I’m a current student and I want to take 6hours credit this summer.

  2. I want to take two classes this summer, they will only be three to four credit a piece. Am I still able to start classes for the summer. I’m a little confused about the whole credit thing with the schedule dates.

    1. If we’re understanding your question correctly, you’re thinking that the credits refer to the credits of the classes you PLAN to take. The credits in the article above refer to how many credits you already have — i.e. how many classes you’ve already taken. Students who have taken more classes here — and are probably close to getting their degree or certificate or finishing their prerequisites for transfer — get first crack at signing up for classes so they can get the exact classes they need to finish.

      It sounds like you are a new student — you can start signing up for classes Feb. 14.

      The My Degree Path tool can help keep you on track — here’s a link: http://grcc.edu/counselingandcareercenter/mydegreepath

      There’s also contact information on the lower left of this webpage for the Counseling Center if you have further questions.

  3. I am a guest student and taking microbiology for graduate school prep, technically as a personal interest class. (Bi 127) am I able to take just the lecture or do I need to take the lab for class credit? I’m asking because in the coarse description it includes the lab component, but I know for chemistry students have the option of taking just the lecture. Thanks!

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