A meme featuring Ryan Gosling seated on a park bench. He says, "Hey girl, do you ever wonder what life would be like without the central limit theorem?

Mathematics Seminar looks at Central Limit Theorem

For the first Mathematics Seminar of Winter 2017, adjunct Steve Harris will discuss the Central Limit Theorem.

In 1920, Hungarian-born mathematician George Pólya first used the name Central Limit Theorem to describe a result that has become so important in the study of probability and statistics. Harris’ presentation is designed to provide a visual comprehension of the meaning of the Central Limit Theorem. Some background in statistics would be helpful, but it is not required. Everyone is welcome!

The seminar runs 3-4 p.m. Jan. 25 in room 101 of Cook. Pop and cookies will be served at 2:45 p.m.

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